Bird in Flight Prize ’18

Bird in Flight Prize ’18 Winner: Your Next Step Would Be to Do the Transmission

Project of the Ukrainian photographer Valentine Bo, the winner of the Bird in Flight Prize ’18.

Valentine Bo, Ukraine

I address to such social aspects as human conformity, manipulation, pretense and sincerity. These concepts surround us and with varying intensity forming the cores of ideological movements, religious societies and cults.

The driving force behind this project was the activity of a UFO-centered Raëlian movement. The key pursuits of the movement are: raising funds for the construction of the embassy to return the aliens to Earth, cloning people, the practice of Sensual Meditation and the provision of sex services.

Working with a lot of material, I decided to interpret the experience in a visual narrative. I create and utilize sculpture, work with photogrammetry and 3D printing.

In this series, the attention is focused on unsuccessful experiments, the process of creating a clone, fear, masturbation and sexual context.

The series is a reinterpretation and my illustration of a fictional world in which sexual emancipation and sci-fi interpretation of the Bible coexist.

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