Bird in Flight Prize '18

Bird in Flight Prize ’18 finalist: The Tapestry In My Room

Project of the Armenian photographer Lucie Khahoutian shortlisted for the Bird in Flight Prize ’18.


All my projects work in echo and my various series offer a silver lining narrating my background and the story of my country.

Whether I use collage or photography my stories are deeply influenced by magic, religion, and spirituality. In recent works I discuss themes such as dementia, seclusion and traditions.

Involving both my background and elements of my current life, I weave a visual tapestry of my surroundings and aim at offering a complete and subtle visual universe in which occident and orient coexist smoothly. Going back and forth between collage and photography I play with the idea of illustrating the magic or the ungraspable. In an constantly evolving practice I like to renew the tools used to narrate my story.

Every layer of my collages becomes a period of my life, a person met, a language spoken, a place visited or a mood I was in. This collection of images, is a celebration of the most important part of my identity, being a caucasian women.

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