Millions of People Watched a Live Broadcast of a Tornado That Was a Looped GIF

Many users took a looped animation for a real live broadcast.

On July 20, Newsfeed published a looped GIF with a giant tornado on their page presenting it as a live broadcast. The authors added thunderstorm sounds to the video and made it as realistic as possible, many users thought that the tornado was indeed broadcast live, Gizmodo writes.

However, some of the viewers noticed that the movements of objects in the frame repeat every several seconds. Despite this fact, the video quickly became viral. It was watched by over 10 million people in the first several hours, and after a day the number of views was more than 22 million.

The author of the original animation that was shared by Newsfeed is photographer Marko Korosec. On his Instagram, he said that he made this video in 2015 and is glad that his work became famous on social media two years after.

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