A homeless man gets a house thanks to a photo on Facebook

A photographer from New York, after meeting a homeless colleague on a street, started a fund collecting campaign to help him out.

In NYC Benjamin Lowie managed to collect more than $11,000 for Scott Suetton who lost his job and shelter because of the unfortunate circumstances in personal life, according to Huffington Post. The story began in November of last year. Lowie’s attention got drawn to the poster the man was holding with the phrase “What you give is yours” on it. As they spoke he found out that Scott Suetton was a former journalist and developer for the company Archive Photos. Later Lowie posted Scott’s photo on his Facebook page and in the matter of hours it collected more than a thousand likes and a few hundred shares.

The shot received a strong response in the hearts of colleagues photographers and journalists. One of them wrote: “The first thought that ran through my mind once I saw the photo: I could be in his spot”. Such a passionate viewer reaction prompted Lowie and his wife start a charity campaign to collect money in order to help Scott get his normal life back. $15,000 will take care of his rent, medical insurance, rehabilitation program and everyday needs.

Lowie and his wife often visit Suetton and keep a blog about his life. To this moment they collected $11,145, and there is exactly one hundred days left till the end of the campaign.

As a reminder, recently in the state of New York a shot of a tragic event, when two children got hurt, collected more than $4,500 for their medical treatment.

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