Artist Makes Huge Hemlock Tree From Cedar Blocks

More than one hundred volunteers helped American artist, Jahn Grade, recreate a 140 year old tree.

An exhibition of an industrial artist, John Grade, opened in Seattle at MadArt space. Grade presented his crowdfunded project Middle Fork – a sculpture cast from the trunk of a tree writes

To create the sculpture, a team of artists created plaster casts of the trunk and limbs of 140-year-old hemlock. Then the molds were transported to the artist’s studio. For a year, more than 100 volunteers worked on recreating the shape of the tree from the salvaged cedar blocks. They were able to recreate every curve of the tree. “It (the sculpture) allows people to see greater patterns throughout the surface,” says the artist in a video about the project.

The exhibition will be open until April 25th after which it will go on tour around the US. After the tour, the artist is planning to transport the sculpture to the base of the living “original” tree and leave it there for decomposing.

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