Bird in Flight Prize ‘19

Bird in Flight Prize ‘19 Finalist: Keep Those Bad Guys Out

Project by US photographer Seth Johnson shortlisted for Bird in Flight Prize ‘19.

Seth Johnson, USA

Upon moving into my home, my sense of security was shattered. The sense of violation tied to an invasion of private space isn’t easily shaken. Such violation elicits an immediate, often excessive, shift in state of mind and alters the perception of our surroundings. It changed how I think about and occupy my home. I made myself think like a burglar in order to stay one step ahead.

I found myself sliding down a slippery slope towards paranoia and couldn’t help but think this isn’t the way it should be. I became suspicious of my own motives and conscious of their absurdity. After attempting to describe these feelings, humor proved to be the most effective vehicle in defining the absurd.

These phobic feelings do not leave me when I leave my home. As I walk through my neighborhood, I identify the weaknesses in my neighbors defense systems. As I walk, I’m also keenly aware of how I may be perceived. I watch them as they watch me, and I have become the threat that I’m protecting against.

If your home is your castle, protect it like one
The best security system is a watchful neighbor
Although aggressive armed home intruders dominate the news, the majority of burglars will avoid encounters with homeowners or residents
Storing ladders near a fence can appear to be an invitation to intruders. If that is the only place to store them, try to store them in large quantities so as to make gaining access a challenge. Also, ensure that at least one of them is very tall so they go must under it to gain access. Burglars are very superstitious
Hearing a large dog bark can make an intruder think twice
Burglars will be unable to force an entry if they don't know your home exists
You are certainly safe with a labyrinth such as this
Hiding weapons around your home can help make you feel safe
Though warning signs can be hideous, they can also be an effective deterrent. Protect your home and make your yard the talk of the neighborhood
Sometimes when you hear a suspicious noise in the middle of the midnight, it's just a cat

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