Children Act Out the Roles in Oscar Nominated Movies

Before the ceremony a mother took pictures of her daughters on the backdrop of the The Imitation Games and The Grand Budapest Hotel scenery.

An interview with Chicago-based, Maggie Storino, who took photos of her daughters as characters of Oscar nominated movies, was published on Vanity Fair’s website.

“They loved playing beauty shop with hair and makeup, raiding Dad’s closet for costumes, and studying the stills,” says the mother of almost-4-year-old Sophia and 3-year-old Sadie. “It’s been more of a challenge to convince them that the game is over! The girls LOVE using glue sticks and scissors, so they really enjoyed constructing The Imitation Game and The Grand Budapest Hotel. They’re really sad to see the tower of Mendl’s boxes go. They rebuild it every day just for fun.”

It’s forth Oscar photo shoot for the family and third for Sadie – the youngest of the sisters. Earlier photos can be found in blog Don’t Call me Oscar.

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