The First Interracial Kiss On Screen Found in British TV Archives

It happens in the movie called You in Your Small Corner (1962), which was broadcasted only once.

The British Film Institute (BFI) found the footage of the movie called You in Your Small Corner in the archives, where one of the episodes features the earliest scene with the interracial kiss in the history of TV, Quartz writes.

The movie is about a man from Jamaica who comes to England and meets a working class woman there. The first and only screening of the film on British TV was held in July 1962.

“I was astounded… it was so explicit, really. This scene subverted what the viewing public of the time was expecting”, – one of BFI representatives said.

Earlier, it was considered that the first scene featuring an interracial kiss is an episode from Star Trek series (1966–1969), showing the kiss of Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura.


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