Depositphotos has launched an English YouTube channel about creativity

Depositphotos, an international content platform, has launched a YouTube channel called Creativity. Inside & Out. They will share video content at the intersection of visual communication, marketing, and culture. The channel will be useful for those involved in creativity, marketing, photography, design, communications, and anyone who follows trends. New episodes are released every two weeks.

There are already two episodes out on the channel. In the first one about memes, Ivan Altsybieiev, co-founder of the Reface app, and anthropologist Mackenzie Finklea share their insight on the topic.

The second episode about anti-war manifestos is divided into two videos. The first explores how content creators have declared their anti-war position in the past and present, why art cannot distance itself from events that affect society, and how the image of war has changed over the past few centuries.

The experts of the second episode are street artists Michelle and Nicol Feldman, and Pavel Vrzheshch, co-founder of the Ukrainian award-winning Banda agency. In this episode, you’ll learn about influential projects by Ukrainian and foreign artists dedicated to Russia’s war against Ukraine. In particular, a portrait of five-year-old Valeria from Ukraine by French artist JR, which has also become the cover of Time; the “bloody lake” in front of the Russian Embassy in Vilnius; tarot cards with heroes from Ukraine’s history by the Feldman sisters; and others.

In April, Dmitry Sergeev, the founder of the photo bank Depositphotos, launched the Keep Going platform to provide first aid to Ukrainian entrepreneurs during the war.

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