Artist Dasha Marchenko Creates Putin’s Portrait with Bullets Shells

The artist used the automatic rifles, pistols and machine guns’ shells collected in Eastern Ukraine.

Kiev-based artist Dasha Marchenko created a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin using 500 bullet shells collected in the war conflict zone in the Eastern part of Ukraine. She named her work “The Face of the War.” The size of the art piece is 2.4 x 1.7 m.

“The art piece changes its colors and face’s expression with lighting. It portrays many features: destiny and fear, pride, violence, hate, regret, confusion, as well as readiness to destroy the whole world (by pressing “the button”) or to face Christ’s judgment for what he did,” writes the artist.

Oil and acrylic paints as well as bullets shells from machine guns, automatic rifles, grenade launchers, Dragunov sniper rifles, Makariov pistols, NSV machine guns, and KPV-14.5 heavy machine guns were used to create the portrait.

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