New York Post Tells about a Director Who Replaced His Eye with a Camera

Rob Spence plans to use the device to make documentaries.

New York Post published an article about Canadian director Rob Spence who lost eyesight in his right eye when he was 9, and then at the age of 43 replaced his eyeball with a mini digital camera.

On the outside the device is no different from a regular eye prosthesis, but it can record short 3-minute videos, and what the camera ‘sees’ is visible on a handheld monitor.

“The two reactions are, ‘Wow, that’s so cool’ — and, after a few moments’ reflection, ‘But that’s so creepy’, — Spence says. — I’ve actually started wondering, do we want to have constant video of our lives? And I think no, we don’t want that. But it’s coming anyway.”

He says that now together with a team of developers he is working on enabling the camera to shoot several hours-long videos. In the future he plans to use this feature to shoot POV documentaries.


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