Deutsche Börse Photography Prize Contest Shortlist Announced

Four finalists come from Germany, Egypt, the Netherlands and the USA.

Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2016 international contest jury presented the shortlist of candidates for the prize, Time writes.

The works of the finalists will be exhibited in The Photographers’ Gallery in London between April 16 and June 26, 2016, and the name of the winner who will receive a £30,000 prize will be announced during the award ceremony.

Egyptian photographer Laura El-Tantawy was selected as one of the finalists for her photo book In The Shadows of the Pyramids, which is about the Egyptian Revolution. German photographer Tobias Zielony was nominated for a series of photos documenting the everyday life of refugees from Afghanistan in Germany. Trevor Paglen from the US was shortlisted for his project The Octopus, which covers the issue of mass surveillance of citizens by the authorities, and Erik Kessels from the Netherlands for his project Unfinished Father.

Cover photo: Laura El-Tantawy

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