NASA Creates a Timelapse of the Touchdown on the Satellite of Saturn 12 Years Ago

NASA posted a timelapse with the touchdown on Huygens on Titan, Saturn's satellite, which happened 12 years ago.

The probe was launched together with Cassini spacecraft in 1997. The mission was aimed at studying Saturn’s rings and satellites, Titan in particular. In 2004, Huygens separated from Cassini, and started descending into Titan’s atmosphere. During the parachuted landing that lasted over two hours, the probe transmitted photographs and measurements of the satellite’s atmosphere. After landing, Huygens worked for a little over than an hour and turned off (as has been originally planned by the mission).

Cassini mission was prolonged twice and has now entered its last stage: the spacecraft will orbit close to the planet and its rings. The last orbiting is scheduled for April 22, when Cassini gets near Titan, Saturn’s satellite, and then will fly between the nearest ring and the surface of the planet. The mission will end on September 15: NASA will send the spacecraft to the atmosphere of the planet.

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