BBC Creates Animatronic Animals to Film Wildlife

Creators of the TV show Spy in the Wild made animals interact with animatronic creatures equipped with high-quality cameras.

Spy in the Wild premieres on BBC One on Thursday, January 12. For this show, the authors developed over 30 animatronic animals equipped with hidden cameras to film wildlife, FStoppers writes.

The project has been underway for the past three years. The shooting was done in 21 countries of the world, and with the help of robots that can shoot in 4K, the authors have managed to record over 8,000 hours.

The authors say that using ‘spy creatures’ they managed to get as close as possible to wild nature — in a way that would have never been possible for a human.

“Their [creatures’] hidden cameras capture extraordinary behavior. What they reveal will surprise, amaze, and make you smile. Maybe they are more like us than we ever thought possible,” the authors of the show say.


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