Internet Users Argue about the Reasons Water Changed Color in the Olympic Pool

The rapid change of the water color in one of the pools of the Olympics was widely discussed online.

Water color in one of the Olympic pools in Rio de Janeiro has for unidentified reasons changed from transparent blue to murky green. The incident provoked a discussion on the Internet and was covered by many international media.

Although the organizers have almost immediately said that this poses no health threat for the athletes, the International Olympic Committee has not yet informed about the reasons of the mysterious change.

Because of the prolonged silence of the organizers, Internet users started offering their own versions of what had happened, Vox writes: some noted that the greenish color may be related to oxidation of copper pipes, although the experts have almost immediately rejected this version: they say that in this case water would have remained transparent anyway.

According to Gizmodo, the most likely reason is low level of chlorine in the water, which may have provoked the rapid increase in the number of algat. Not only the greed color of the water, but its murkiness evidences thi, too: the divers reported they could not see their diving partners even from the close distance.

It is expected that that the International Olympic Committee will soon publish an official statement, meanwhile the athletes continue to compete in the murky pool.

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