Ukrainian Startup Raises Money for Their Vintage Instant Camera in a Day

It is planned to release the first batch of devices in mid-2017.

Jollylook, a Ukrainian startup, raised money to produce the eponymous instant cameras only in a day after they launched the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. There is 30 days left till the end of the fundraising period, and the users have already donated over $70,000 for the $15,000 goal.

The body and some elements of the device are made of cardboard, and it costs only $35. “Jollylook uses less materials than used in the packaging of a regular camera,” the creators say. “Jollylook is as dangerous to the environment as a banana peel.”

The camera has vintage design. It uses Fuji Instax Mini cassettes and has a built-in 110mm lens. The users will be able to adjust the diaphragm (f/8, f/11, f/16, f/22; f/32; f/45; f/64) and exposure (1/250 or 1/160).

Further details about the project are available at its Kickstarter page.

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