Instagram Names the Most Popular Accounts, Hashtags and Shooting Locations of 2016

The photo-sharing app summed up the past 12 months.

On Thursday, December 1, Instagram published an annual report, summing up 2016 and naming the most popular accounts, hashtags, and shooting locations.

The first place on the list of the most popular users went to the American singer Selena Gomez, who has over 103 million subscribers.

In late September, she became the first user with over 100 million subscribers, and several months prior the photograph she published had the highest number of likes in the history of Instagram — 5.9 million.

Other celebrities who rank high in the rating are Taylor Swift (93.9 million subscribers), Ariana Grande (90.3 million), Beyonce (89.3 million), and Kim Kardashian (88.3 million).

The most popular cities among Instagram users were New York, London, and Moscow. Paris, St. Petersburg, and Sao Paulo are also on the list.

The leading attractions include Disney and Universal Studios theme parks, as well as Central Park in New York. #love became the most popular hashtag of the year, just as in 2015.

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