A British Man Creates a Dating App Where He Is the Only Man Available

Shed Simove had an idea how to increase his chances for a date.

Shed Simove from Britain, 45, created a browser dating application called Shinder, where the only man available for rating is himself, The Mirror writes. According to Simove, he is hoping that this would help him find a date if nothing else will.

Simove had the idea for the app after he used Tinder: because of the large number of users on such services, it is difficult to stand out. In the case of Shinder, the chances increase. “I’ve anticipated the scarcity of potential matches will create increased demand, and with that more chance of dating successes,” the man says.

Users can register in the app with their Facebook account, after that they need to fill in information about themselves or add a photograph. After that the program will start searching for people available nearby: and the only person available will be Shed Simove.

If the user ‘swipes left’, they’ll get a message that they’d just escaped danger, because Shed requires a lot of maintenance. If the user is male, they’ll see a message saying “Seems there won’t be any Brokeback Mountain reenactments.”

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