Photo: Inventor of Polaroid Shows the Performance of His Instant Camera

Polaroid camera, which allows users to print the photographs instantly, was first presented to the public 70 years ago.

The first instant camera was presented 70 years ago, on February 21, 1947. Its performance was demonstrated by the inventor himself, American scientist Edwin Herbert Land, who has received 535 patents in his life, ranking second after Thomas Edison.

The company that he founded in 1932, which was later named Polaroid, started from producing sunglasses and filters for cameras, and then grew to make cameras of their own.

The performance of the innovative invention by Polaroid was shown to the public in February 1947, during the meeting of the members of the American Optical Society in NYC: the camera could print a photograph within a minute. The production of Polaroid Land Camera Model 95 started in 1948: the first batch that went on sale (about 60 devices) sold in a day.

In the photograph — Edwin Herbert Land (L) shows the performance of a Polaroid camera to Charles Phelps (R), president of the Grosse Point, Michigan Photographic Society of America, during the conference in Cincinnati in November, 1948.

Cover photo: AP Photo / East News

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