Pulitzer Winner Took a Series of Street Photographs with a Car Camera

The aim of the project is to show the performance of Volvo XC60 in ensuring safety.

American photographer and Pulitzer winner Barbara Davidson cooperated with Volvo for their advertising and took a series of street photographs with a camera of Volvo XC60, The New York Times writes.

To take the photographs, Davidson used the frontal camera of the car, located in the upper part of the windshield — immediately behind the rearview mirror. The device is normally used to identify objects in the way of a car and send the signal to the onboard computer in case the car needs to stop. For the project, the camera was improved so that the photographer would be able to see the image and control the shooting process. The result is a series of almost ten photographs.

“I think the car camera has incredible artistic potential,” the author of the photographs says. “Conceptual artists in particular are going to want to explore it.”


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