Links of the Week

Ice music, the Alien’s Christmas, sand mansions and Bible anime in the weekly digest by Bird In Flight.

In His Language

Illustrator from Tokyo Hiroshi Mori combined anime characters and memes from contemporary Japanese culture and plots of classical paintings.

Shake the Hotel

Victor Enrish offered 88 non-boring ways to renew the facade of the old hotel in Munich.

Alien Within

At the Dutch photo studio Papersmith they imagined how the Alien would celebrate Christmas.

Sand Castles

NYC sculptor Calvin Seibert gave the beaches a bit of an urban feel.

Snow Ornaments

Tom Baker mastered the art of snow spray.

Home Reading

Ekaterina Panikanova creates paintings on book spreads.

Cold Calculation

Tim Linhart made a violin, a cello, a contrabass and half a dozen other instruments from ice for an Ice Music orchestra, which plays at a temperature not higher than –5 °C.

It’s Complicated

Artist Bovey Lee creates endless worlds with knife and rice paper.


Photographer Martin Bailey captured the beauty of Antarctica.

Made Things Clear

Vitor Schietti created light sculptures, which are visible only in the photographs. His main secret is long exposure.

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