Uniqlo in Berlin launched a collaboration with Ukrainian artists

The European branch of the Japanese brand Uniqlo has launched a collaboration with Ukrainian artists. T-shirts featuring their prints can be purchased at the brand’s Berlin store located at Tauentzienstraße 7B/c.

The project involved four Ukrainian artists currently residing in Germany: Zina Isupova, Vika Berg, Somari Ptashka, and Anastasia Pasichnyk. “Uniqlo in Berlin approached the Ukrainian Cultural Community organization, and they had portfolios of Ukrainians currently residing in Germany,” Zina Isupova told Bird in Flight.

For the project, she provided a series of vibrant collages capturing everyday objects. “Some objects catch my attention because they seem incredibly simple,” the artist explains. “I isolate them from their surroundings and lay them out on paper. This creates portraits of objects that highlight their hidden beauty.”

Zina Isupova sponges
Zina Isupova-tools
Zina Isupova-paper
Zina Isupova-books

The collaboration is part of the Uniqlo project called UTme. It allows for printing T-shirts with prints directly in the store. Previously, Uniqlo had similar collaborations with Japanese artists residing in the German capital.

The Ukrainian Cultural Community project was initiated in Berlin in April 2022 by artist Anastasiia Pasichnyk. Its aim is to provide Ukrainian artists with the opportunity to create and exhibit their works in European venues. During this time, the project team has organized a series of exhibitions, concerts, workshops, lectures, auctions, and festivals.

Images: Zina Isupova

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