Thirty Women Protest Against Censorship of Nudity on Facebook

Thirty women protested against Facebook censoring nudity.

Thirty women guided by Canadian photographer Trina Cary protested against Facebook policies that prohibits users to post photographs of naked bodies. Women undressed, wrapped their private parts with tape and posed for the photo shoot, Metro writes.

Over a year ago, Cary posted her nude photographs on the social network — she says that it became a way for her to ‘bare it all to the world’ and ‘show her soul’. After that, photographer started rapidly growing more popular. However, some people thought that her nudity was offensive — they complained to Facebook support about her photographs, and the administration blocked her account, despite the fact that she posted warning about adult content.

The photographer’s professional activities were suspended because she was blocked. She could not contact her clients. This made her even angrier, and she decided to channel her anger creatively. So she offered other women to take part in the protest against the policies of the social network.


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