Infographic of the Day: Where the US Migrants Came From in the Past 200 Years

Vox gathered data about people who migrated to America between 1820 and 2013.

In early January Vox published an infographic, which presents data about the country of origin of migrants, who came to the US between 1820 and 2013.

Data is visualized in a map and there is additional information about parts of the world where migrants came from by each decade. For instance, before mid-20th century migrants came to the US preliminary from Europe, but after 1950s they mostly came from countries in Asia, and South and North America.

There are also short blocks of information about anti-migration laws that were adopted in the US in different periods.

The authors say that one of the goals of their project is to show the debate about the migrant problem, which is actively discussed in American society nowadays, “as old as the country itself”.

Cover photo: Depositphotos

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