Link of the Day: Website Recommends Similar Movies Based on Reviews

According to the creator of the website, the existing services that recommend movies are hardly accurate.

Swedish programmer Nils Everling developed a website called Cinetrii, which can recommend users films that are similar to the ones they like, Gizmodo writes.

Unlike many similar services that often use irrelevant criteria such as genre, actors list or other indirect indicators, Cinetrii reveal connections between films by analyzing professional movie reviews. The users puts the title in the search box, and the algorithms provide results.

Everling says he decided to create this instrument when he realized the popular websites such as IMDb rarely give good recommendations when users look for related movies.

“I have a significant interest in film. As with any art form, film is derivative. Directors and scriptwriters are undoubtedly inspired by works that came before them. Cinetrii is my attempt at finding connections between films,” the author says.

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