How Obama’s Personal Photographer Trolls Donald Trump on Instagram

Former White House photographer Pete Souza had the number of his subscribers increase almost threefold in the past several weeks. The reason for such growth might be the nature of his recent posts.

American photojournalist Pete Souza has been the White House photographer for eight years and left this position in late January — after Donald Trump’s inauguration. Despite the fact that Barack Obama’s presidential term has ended, Souza continues to publish his photographs on Instagram — and the way he does it shows his attitude to the newly elected US President.

It seems at first that the photographs published on Souza’s account have nothing to do with Trump — they are archive pictures from various years, where Obama talks to his subordinates or meets leaders of other countries. At the same time, many photographs are one way or the other related to Trump’s recent actions.

For instance, in answer to a widely circulated photograph of Trump where he is surrounded by seven male advisors, Souza posted an old photograph where Obama is talking to his advisors, all of whom are women.

Meeting with top advisors. This is a full-frame picture. I guess you'd say I was trying to make a point.

Фото опубликовано Pete Souza (@petesouza)

And this was Souza’s reaction to Trump’s executive order on harshening the immigration policy:

Talking with a young refugee at a Dignity for Children Foundation classroom in 2015.

Фото опубликовано Pete Souza (@petesouza)

After it was reported in the news that Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto refused to meet Trump, Souza published a photograph where Obama is talking to the head of the neighboring state over tequila:

This one is for Grover. President Obama sampling some tequila with President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico in 2013. @heygrover

Фото опубликовано Pete Souza (@petesouza)

Souza’s reaction to reports that Trump’s phone call with Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was heated — last year’s photograph where Obama, Turnbull, and the Prime Minister of New Zealand are having a friendly conversation:

According to PetaPixel, this posting strategy has increased the number of people who are following Souza’s account. When he was leaving his position as a White House photographer, he had 285,000 subscribers, and now he has over 800,000.

The best photographs of Barack Obama in 2016, according to Souza, are available here.

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