WPP Publishes a Study about the State of News Photography in 2016

The study includes photographers from over 100 countries.

World Press Photo published the results of their annual study, The State of News Photography, about state of modern photojournalism. The authors surveyed almost 2,000 photographers who took part in the WPP competition, Peta Pixel writes.

Information collected by the organization includes data about where the photographers work, their salaries, as well as gender balance in photojournalism.

Judging by the results of the survey, 85% of news photographers are men, about 66% are satisfied with their career. Only 15% of the surveyed photographers have annual income over $40,000, and 85% earn less. Almost half of the photojournalists (46%) are freelancers, about 12% are employed in the newspapers, 9% — in news agencies, and 4% each on online news sites and in magazines.

The study was carried out with the support of the University of Stirling in Britain. More details about the results are available here.


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