Father of a Young British Woman Took Pictures of Her Every Day for 21 Years

There are over 7,600 daily portraits of a young woman in the family archive.

Suman Bansal, 21, from Britain has a photo album with photographs from every day of her life. It includes over 7,600 photographs, most of which were taken by her father. The man says that he started this tradition on May 16, 1996 when his daughter was born, Daily Mail writes.

Munish Bansal, 44, says that it was his way to stay connected with his parents, who stayed behind in India — he wanted them to be able to watch their grandchildren grow up while being on a different continent.

Suman Bansal currently tries to continue this tradition herself and takes selfies every day. However, she says she is not sure whether she will always be doing so in the future. “It has not been hard being photographed very day as it has always been part of my normal routine. The only tough times were when I was feeling ill or tired after school,” Suman says. “When I look back at all the pictures it’s amazing to see how much I’ve changed over the years.”

Suman Bansal at the age of 1
Age 4
Age 8
Age 12
Age 18
Age 20

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