Video: Why You Shouldn’t Trust ‘Shot on a Smartphone’ Ads

Marques Brownlee explained what stands behind the technically perfect shots from commercials by Apple and other smartphone makers.

NYC-based video blogger Marques Brownlee explains why smartphone users should not trust ads ‘shot on a smartphone’ in a seven-minute video, PetaPixel writes.

“Have you ever wondered about all these ‘shot on smartphone’ commercials — are those clips actually shot on smartphones?” Brownlee asks. “Well the answer is ‘technically, yes’, but often with some heavy adaptation.”

Then, Brownlee lists all the types of additional equipment that is used to created ‘perfect’ mobile videos: lenses, tripods, steadicams, and other devices that will cost the user an arm and a leg.

“The main point of those commercials is that you see that a shot on a smartphone that you can get, and it is supposed to make you feel that you can make movies just like that because you get that same smartphone. But when you see how these scenes are made, it actually can have the opposite effect.”

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