Infographic of the Day: The World Map of Stereotypes

Martin Vargic put the most widespread stereotypes about countries and nations on the map.

Martin Vargic from Slovakia posted the infographic called The World Stereotypes on his website, where he put more than 1,800 widespread stereotypes about different countries and regions on the world map. The map in high resolution (6,659×4,462; 78 Mb) is available here.

The author says that he based it on judgements about countries and nations that are frequently seen on the Internet forums or heard on TV.

“Most stereotypes about foreign countries are negative, but positive ones can be found, such as ‘Japanese and Koreans are all very smart’, ‘the French are very romantic’, and ‘all Canadians are polite,’ — Vargic says. — I am sure there were people who took offense at the map and misunderstood its main purpose. However, the online response was generally much more positive than I originally expected.”


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