Depositphotos Studies 44 Million Photographs and Identifies the Most Popular Cameras

Users of the stock photo service upload over 40,000 files a day.

Depositphotos published an article with data about the most popular cameras, settings and seasons for taking photographs. The authors analyzed about 44 million images uploaded by the users of the service and studied their EXIF data — files that contain technical information about the images.

Turns out that Canon is the most popular camera — almost 38% of the photographs were taken with a Canon device. Nikon equipment placed second (with about 18%), and Sony placed third (with about 3%). Olympus and Pentax cameras are also among the leaders, with about 1% photographs for each of them. When viewed by most popular camera models, Canon devices also ranked first: EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark III, and EOS 6D.

In addition, the authors of the article analyzed the most popular camera settings for shooting in different conditions. For instance, the focal length of 100mm, which is used for shooting landscapes and objects in the distance, is most often used by photographers. The most popular aperture is f/8. The flash is used very rarely: 85.57% of the photographs from the library were taken without it.

More information about the results of the analysis is available here.


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